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Best, Fastest and Longest Running Electric / Battery Ice Fishing Augers

So, this isn’t necessarily high tech, but they are essential for the cold upper states where those of us who love to ice fish have to drill through the many inches of ice. Yes, for those of you down south, we frozen tundra folks actually do walk and drive out on the ice, even with large trucks and campers!

I have found that there are really 2 augers out there, both latest generation models, that are great at popping holes through almost any ice. My choice, the Ion G2 40V. The ultra light weight and smooth cutting is simply awesome.

Both the Rapala StrikeMaster Lithium LFVL-8 5Ah and the Ion G2 Gen 2 39350 40V 6Ah augers cannot be beat. Little noise. No smoke. Reverse to push the slush back under the ice. Light and fast to drill through almost any ice.

Both will drill through ice at about the same pace. The StrikeMaster has a little more bite and catches a littler harder at start and final pop through. The Ion is smooth as butter.

Rapala claims the StrikeMaster 8″ to be able to drill 100 – 16″ holes on a single charge. Ion claims the G2 8″ will be able to power through 125 – 16″ holes on a single charge.

The StrikeMaster weighs 24 pounds while the Ion is only 17 pounds. This is mostly due to the steel auger on the StrikeMaster and the composite of the Ion auger.

The warranties are good too. The Ion has a 3 year warranty and the StrikeMaster has a 2 year warranty.

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