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Best Wi-Fi Routers of 2019 / 2020

With all tech, one must parse through all of the information out there to find the best performance, speed, range and/or deal out there. In 2019 and into 2020, the primary manufacturers of wireless routers still rule the roost and below are links to the best source of information to pick your next router.

Tech Tip: No matter what you do, make sure you are keeping your router up-to-date by updating its firmware (software on hardware), disabling UPnP wherever possible, using a router login password that is strong, use a wireless network name (SSID) that does not point to your home or anybody in the family (think names and street address) and definitely use a wireless password that is a phrase like Connect Me Up ! (24 years to crack, but easy to remember).

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Consumer Reports – Tom’s Hardware –,review-2498.html
PCMag –
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Purchasing Links
Amazon –
Best Buy –
Micro Center –
Target –
Walmart –

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