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Best Wireless / Wi-fi Routers / Gateways as of March 2021

Now that wireless has again moved onward and upward from the really old 802.11n and old 802.11ac standards, new, better, faster wireless routers are upon us.

Below are links to the best sites that provide great reviews and insight into what is best for what situations. From the best of the best and the most expensive down to really good and inexpensive models, these sites have it for you.

You might ask why, my Internet access is fine. If it is, great, but you may not be getting the speed you signed up for if you have multiple users hammering away at your Internet connection. In addition, security matters. Old routers typically mean vulnerable routers. Here’s a great article by Popular Science that explains more as to why you may want to consider upgrading.

Best way to test? Have all the users in your home play some games, stream some video and then run a speed test from Ookla to see what your get for download and upload speed. Then go and run a test with nobody but you on to see the difference. Granted, it could be your Internet connection that is the bottleneck, but if you are running a router that is not 802.11ac or 802.11ax, it is likely that your router is underpowered if you have a high speed Internet connection of 75Mbps or faster.

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