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Personal Home Technical Support

I can help you install, upgrade and/or figure out issues with your computers, wired and wireless network, printers and anything else you may need. Slow Internet, slow computer, wondering why something is doing what it is doing, give me a call.

Small and Medium-sized Technical Assistance

If you are having issues with the technology you are using or are looking to start a new business, I can help! Computers, networks, printers, servers, printers, cloud, website hosting, email hosting and more, I can do it!

Premium Domain Name Sales and Website and/or Email Hosting

If you are looking for a great domain name, want to start up a new website and/or email server so your business has an presence or want to step up to make your current business look more professional, I am here to help!

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I am an expert in what I do. I have to constantly stay on top of changes working in the field I’m in. I’m also local to you, saving you and us time and ultimately saving you money.

My business is operated out of Monticello, MN. I am a US Navy veteran with a 26 year IT career.

I have worked as an/a:
Electronics Technician
Technical Support Representative, Network Administrator and Network Security Manager for a government contractor and a hospital
Network Administrator for an auto loan startup company that is now owned by JP Morgan Chase
Network Administrator/Engineer/Architect for a large national law firm
Director of IT for a medium-sized national law firm
IT Infrastructure Operations Manager for a large national law firm

What does this mean for you? I have a lot of experience in architecting, installing, supporting, managing, securing and upgrading a lot of technology hardware and software.

Support, help, service, solutions and care…it’s what I do!

No matter what you need for your home or small business, I will provide you with the service you want and deserve.