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So…the Media Says Zoom Conferencing Is Not Secure…

I have been a user of almost every audio and video conferencing and collaboration system on the planet and have been since they were introduced. They range from poor to exceptional. No, on to my rant.

First off, the Media, just to make headlines during this period of turmoil, had to have something to report about. Oh my, Zoom is so unsecure…Zoom is failing the world…

Let me, if you will, chat about what Zoom has done for all of us during this dark period of our lives. It has brought us back together. It has allow many of us to continue working and leading teams. It has allowed doctors to see their patients. It has tried to help the economy keep going.

Sure, as with any software, there will be flaws that maybe should have been taken more seriously and others that were not known about.

As for the security of Zoom, let me start by saying that if you post meeting links or ID’s to public websites for meetings that you want to remain private, you probably shouldn’t be operating a computer. If you want some added security, add a password to your meeting, but again, don’t post the link to a public website. As for encryption, if you are not an IT person, don’t talk about the failings of Zoom and its encryption like you know what you are talking about!

All conferencing and collaboration systems out there have the same issues…why? Because if they were forced to be solved, few would use them because they would be too difficult to use and they would cease to exist.

Zoom is encrypted, when forced from account settings, from endpoints to their cloud. Did they overstep in saying it was end to end encryption, yes. That is Marketing getting in the way of truth and not involving the proper technical people to understand things before putting it out there.

For those of you who think you want end to end encryption, give us all a break! If you knew what that takes, you know realize that nobody would use the solution.

To the Media, please, engage some technical consultants before you spew the crap that you do when it comes to technology that most of you don’t understand!

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